Important Gold Prospecting Tools

It is rare for someone to have a hobby of discovering new places to mine gold. One reason for it to be a rare hobby is the lack of information on the publically available places where one can find gold. Recently, more people are gaining interest in gold, which has given rise to gold prospecting in the past few years. After the popular scavengers started putting out videos and TV shows about finding gold in the rivers, people feel they too can make it possible. One must keep in mind that knowledge is the most important while choosing the tools for gold mining. When you have the right information about the location, basic knowledge of the technique of gold prospecting, knowledge on how to spot got and recover it, you can have an amazing time digging gold.

People often ask that are the professional equipment for gold prospecting. In general, most people used pans and a couple of hand tools to sediment and clean gold throughout the years. Today there is modern equipment available that can make the job easier or more complicated for beginners. The experts suggest that the beginners should stick to the most simple methods instead of complicating their process and carrying heavy tools around. The prospecting tools can also be expensive, and in case you want to drop the hobby at some point, at least you will save your money by not buying the tools that you can manage without.

searching for gold

The tools you will need

Here is what the experts suggest you should get for your gold prospecting adventure. Try to keep your luggage light if you do not know the exact location of the gold. Some people prefer to find the place on one day and then come with the equipment the next day, so they do not have to carry the weight while searching for gold. These are the tools you need for gold prospecting.

Utility Shovel

Garden Hand Trowel

Gold Pan


Snuffer bottle

You can find these five tools in the gold prospect sites with the staff or order them online and explore the public areas. Local mining equipment stores may also keep these tools in their stores. When you learn how to use the mentioned tools for gold prospecting, you can also purchase a sluice box in your next investment. A sluice box can help you process four times more of the amount of material. A sluice box can be costly based on its feature but not expensive enough to be called an unnecessary investment.

When you are ready for your gold prospecting hobby, you need to start researching the places around you that are known or were known for having gold. Join a community of gold prospectors to find out where the gold gets discovered next. Getting involved in a community will also let you have the most fun of your hobby when you have like-minded people around you.